“Calm Seas” is truly an outstanding release of the gifted artist. It will be perfect not only for rest and relaxation, but for your everyday life because this music gives you strength to live and bravely look into the future. And you are sure that life will bring you only the best in this amazing and wonderful world. 

Serge Kozlovsky

 I defy anyone to duplicate the soulful, honest, and heartfelt expression Urquhart pours into every note and chord. That’s where the magic lies ... you come away feeling that you have gotten to know him rather well - and have perhaps also seen a new facet of your own soul.. it is always a very special experience to be reminded of the power of quiet beauty and simplicity. 

Kathy Parsons



Craig Urquhart’s (irk-hart) heartfelt piano solos have drawn critical acclaim from across the globe.  He has played on international stages - from New York, Paris and Belgium, to Berlin, Rome and Japan – moving audiences with his warm, poetic style. Recognized as a “world-class pianist and composer of distinction,” Craig has inspired a broad and diverse audience - from casual listeners to esteemed musicians and critics alike. He worked closely with the great Leonard Bernstein for years and continues working on behalf of the Maestro’s legacy. Craig has released ten albums and created over 130 compositions to date.

Through his thoughtful, flowing compositions, Craig takes listeners on a musical journey that speaks directly to the soul. Critics have described his music as “musical poetry,” and fans have written about its profound impact on them - helping them live, love, grieve and celebrate. One listener wrote that Craig’s music seemed to “sympathize with my feelings like nobody can.” Zone Music Reporter Bill Binkelman wrote that “his superb control of nuance, crafting such beautiful yet restrained heartfelt compositions, painting one warm, comforting musical portrait after another—well, it's like coming home again.”

Craig derives musical inspiration from nature, human emotions, and the natural rhythms of the universe. Drawing upon his experiences of love, loss and remembrance, he delivers an emotionally compelling experience straight from the heart. As one writer put it, “His music reaches through the invisible walls with an immeasurable sense of peace and beauty.”