Songs Without Words

Craig Urquhart

1990 / Sea Breeze Productions


“Songs Without Words” was Craig Urquhart’s first recording of original piano solos. For the most part, this album is much quieter and more understated than Urquhart’s later work. The titles of most of the fifteen songs have to do with nature, and the mood of the album is very calm and soothing. I found it much easier to let this one slip into the background than Urquhart’s other albums, making it a great choice for reading or simply relaxing and letting the music wash over you. Very classical in style and approach with an emphasis on emotion, Urquhart is an incredible pianist and artist. “Lullaby” is so delicate and gentle that it almost feels fragile - very, very beautiful. “Gentle Wind” is also tranquil and serene like a warm spring breeze. “The Prairie” is livelier, almost dance-like. “Fog Horns” captures the mystery of being near the ocean in the fog - everything is soft, cool, gray, and very quiet. “Radiance” is a sparkling, twirling crystal shooting reflected light in all directions. I also really like “Pas de Deux” and “Soliloquy,” which are both soothing and elegant. “Songs Without Words” is a gorgeous collection of piano solos, and I highly recommend it. It is available from www.craigurquhart.comand



-Kathy Parsons